About Us

TEMPZ ACADEMY EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is an ambitious social empowerment initiative by THECOS: “Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation Employee’s Co-operative Credit Society Limited”.


A 27 Year Aged Multi state Co-operative society for the employee’s of State Express Transport Corporation – Tamil Nadu (Formerly Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation Employee’s Co-operative Credit Society Limited). Registration No: MSCS/CR/16-91. Registered by central registrar of co-operative societies, New Delhi (Joint Secretary, Government of India).

In the heart of this democratic country imbued with dedicated professionals, this institution endeavors to enhance the socio-economic status of the people with an apparent zeal to enrich their wisdom for career development. We predominantly focus upon the knowledge transfer through capacity building of the individual in a credible way of our contemporary approach and ultimately personifying the institution with greater academic sustenance.


The institution takes pride and value in imparting the skills to the dedicated professionals with a great fervor for our community development. The board of THECOS certainly feels this as an opportune moment in deploying its resources to enhance the academic career of its candidates through this institution. The institution with its exuberant desire to venture into the field of academics wants to create an unparalleled growth in its entire endeavor. The institution is poised to brace its student’s objective and takes immense pride to facilitate quality knowledge transfer through its sustained effort. The institution is inclined to the plausible need to follow the reservation systems in a just and rationale manner to induct the students so as to augur well with the inclusive development of its stakeholders. The administrative model justly blends well with the established standards to deliver the best results being endowed upon the operational purpose of this institution. Ultimately this institution imbibes the state of the art facilities in all its modus operandi for the effective utilization of its valuable resources ensuring continuous improvement in its deeds and firmly believes in the sustainability of this institution.


The organization fits into the pyramid structure for its strategic management.


We as a corporate organization with cooperative fame strives for the well being of our members and aim for the socio-economic empowerment of their kith and kin as well as forging a value proportioned service for the sustainable development of our community.

Why We Lead

We take immense pride to work for the children to compete in the stimulating environment and making each and every individual to develop learning competence, soft skills and other significant skills required to stand tall in their examination results.

We strongly believe in the dynamic changes of this educational system and do have an edge in this manner to rightly inherit these changes to provide quality education to the students in all manners.

To mark with the prevailing changes in the admission procedure for professional courses we as a new organization do offer the one stop solution for your child’s future by catering them to learn and crack exams.

Our Approach

At TEMPZ ACADEMY EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, we strive to be unique hence we follow Contemporary approach, One stop solution for all technological support for learning, Unique approach towards programmed teaching and integrated syllabus coverage with ease of understanding.


  • UPSC Civil Services

  • SSB

  • NEET


  • Aptitude, Soft Skills

  • CDS


  • AIIM’s



  • Geography – I.S. Raajasekar B.E

  • History – Diana George B.Tech,M.A. Public Administration

  • Economics – S. Sreeram B.Com

  • Polity – S. Sreeram B. Com

  • International Relations – N. Guruprasad M.A , M.Com

  • Science & Technology – N. Guruprasad M.A , M.Com

  • Current Affairs/Geography – G. KarthickM.Sc (Geography) M.Tech (Geomatics)

  • CSAT – JinasFathima B.E

  • Environment & Ecology – Vishnu Vardhan B.E