A 27 Year Aged Multi state Co-operative society for the employee’s of State Express Transport Corporation – Tamil Nadu (Formerly Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation Employee’s Co-operative Credit Society Limited). Registration No: MSCS/CR/16-91. Registered by central registrar of co-operative societies, New Delhi (Joint Secretary, Government of India). THECOS is called as Salary Earners Co-operative society. We have our operations in Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Puducherry.

Among the employee’s the management shall be elected. THECOS itself designated as a special entity. An organization free from political parties, political operations in all forms, we never entertain political activities in our organization.

  • Provide Member loans up to 250,000/- as an initial outlay after a month of their induction.

  • After three months of their installments we provide up to 15,00,000/- for our cooperative member.

  • We happily share our profits in terms of 15% Dividend to the existing shareholders.

  • We owe a great value to our members’ family and for this we motivate their kith and kin for their meritorious excellence in their board exams (10th & 12th) by honoring them with Laptops and Gold Coins; to motivate students.

  • We empathize with our members life uncertainties and waive off their loan liability for genuine reasons and do provide their terminal benefits to the legal heirs of the member.

  • We provide accidental death care benefits to the survivors of our deceased member which amounts to 8,00,000/-

  • We provide free scholarship for the meritorious students who scored well in their 10th board exams to start their higher secondary as a means of reward for their performance.

What’s Next?

TEMPZ ACADEMY EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION with all its novel and sustainable outlook wanted to create an indelible mark on the meritorious development of its stakeholders. With all your support and from the reasoned decision of our advisory commission the management is willing to offer free admission to the students for the bridging course in the coming academic quarter.